Careers @ Pit.AI

Pit.AI Technologies is taking on one of the most exciting challenges of our time, namely solving intelligence, in one of the most competitive industries ever, investment management! The team enjoys the duality of solving humongous research and engineering problems while remaining focused on very concrete shorter-term breakthroughs. We believe in excellence, humility, trust, and inclusion, and every team member has a veto power on who we hire.

We adopt a finance-first approach to machine learning research, and we do not indulge in blindly applying solutions to machine learning problems in other domains to finance. Core to our research philosophy is the need to place as little assumptions on how the world behaves as reasonably possible, but rather let the data speak for itself, and rely on mathematical reasoning to discern what the data is truly saying from statistical flukes.

We are backed by Y Combinator, industry veterans, and prominent tech VCs.

Current Openings